Kingdom Embassy University

Decreeing Tomorrow's World Leaders Today

About KEU

PPM Global Resources, Inc. in Partnership with Kingdom Embassy University
“Decreeing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”

Kingdom Embassy University (KEU) is a non profit corporate university of specialized ministry education that offers distance learning and modular credential training  programs. It is dedicated to the education and training of God’s entire ministerial staff of the New Creation church and those called to Christ’s eternal kingdom enterprises.

Our extraordinarily challenging and complex times call for new leadership in education worldwide. The task put upon the modern educator, then, is that of identifying and equipping leaders who can bring about much needed change in the church and secular world, ideally to the advantage of Jesus Christ. This task is put upon every educator on the planet, and it can solely be achieved through education, the only function that touches every person on earth. For this reason, it penetrates all walks of life.

Education and training are the bedrock of healthy, productive, and caring communities. Through education, we prepare for the future, sustain the present, and repair the past. Education sees to the professional, functional, and economic replenishment of every people group and its community. From the preparation of future leaders to serve, to teaching humanity how to preserve and perpetuate itself, education holds the reins of power, because after all, knowledge is power. Due to its exalted place in society, education’s most important responsibility to its society is to its citizens. It is charged with seeing that the innate ignorance born within all its members is given the keys to remove it. This is because it is the only societal sphere that touches all of a society’s activities. Thus, every learning institution on the earth, no matter how elegant or humble, must equip every member of its community to prosper in its various fields and industries. Education, for these reasons, equips its citizens with the skills for their crafts, prepares them for careers, instructs them on how to practice good citizenship, and enables them to contribute responsibly to the whole. Education furthermore enables learners to reach their full potential, and in our case, become credible ministers.

KEU Educational Structure

KEU is a Ministry Credentialing University designed to train, equip, certify, ordain and commission God’s next generation of ministers.  It’s chief  objective is to provide competent ministers for the Lord Jesus Christ that can penetrate every sector of society. It is a non-secular university offering non-collegiate professional ministry certifications and credentials in various subjects for the purpose of helping churches and other Christian organizations qualify & identify quality ministry candidates for professional ministry positions.

The KEU Model 

Kingdom Embassy University uses a corporate university model in partnership with PPM Global Resources to raise up God’s new kingdom leaders.  It is KEU’s desire to blend professional standards with ministry aptitudes and qualities to produce a well-rounded student who can be a professional that “ministers “and minister who is “professional”KEU seeks out both professional and ministerial outlets to train and equip its students to be responsive and adaptive to an every changing world in need of the never-changing gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
KEU Learning Types:
KEU appeals to various types of learners seeking to improve, expand or broaden their academic knowledge in various ministry subjects. Our educational approach is perfect for both independent learners and students who are pursuing higher learner goals such a professional credential.
  • The Studios Avid Independent Learner is how KEU describes learners who want to simply S.A.I.L. through. These individuals want to take a more independent instructional approach to their learning experience.  Independent learners are not in it for the points or credentials but just want to receive information needed to succeed in what he or she is called to do.  Learners on this level are content with apply his or her training to what is most relevant to his or her particular journey to success.  Our S.A.I.L.ERS will still receive a certificate of completion and can take as many classes they desire at their own leisure.
  • Students In Training are learners who are not satisfied with just quenching their thirst for knowledge they want the prize! These trainees are going to strive for the A, go after the points, plow through the projects, until they get what they came for…the credential. (License, Certification, Ordination, Commission or non-secular degree.) Students in Training know its going to take work, dedication and diligence but they believe its worth it. These students will track their classes, pass their quizzes or tests, earn their points and push to meet their education goals and achievements.
KEU  Learning Format
KEU offers self-paced education and training for both individuals and organizations. Whether you are Studios Avid Independent Learner or a Student In Training, KEU exist to provide quality training resources to enhance ministerial and professional performance. Learners do not have to officially enroll in KEU to enjoy our training classes.  Trainees simply pick the subject they desire to study and participate in the class.  Lectures average 20 minutes in length and only cost 25.00 to view.  Each lecture study includes a quiz and optional study application assignments learners can complete for further enrichment and development. For those students seeking credentialing additional requirements will apply.
KEU Credentials
A credential is an attestation of qualification, competency and authority issued to an individual by a third party with relevant or defact authority or assumed competence to do so. Credentials certify the completion of a specific training or educational program including successful completion of exams and tests and a learners ability to perform according to a specific body of knowledge. KEU provides credential to recognize a students readiness to perform competently a ministerial service based on that students comprehension, application and mastery of a certain body of knowledge and customary duties associated with this field of study KEU’s ultimate aim is to bring credibility and validity to its professional and ministerial services and there providers.  Learn more about credentialing

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