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New! About a Covering, Part 1

This teaching is part 1 of my series on Spiritual Covering. It will provide introductory insights on how to establish an effective spiritual covering relationship.

This tutorial is ideal for: Mentors and Coaches, Apostles, Chief or Senior Prophets, Five-Fold Ministry Leaders

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Spheres of Apostleship: Unveiling the Mystery of the Apostle

A 3-Part Tutorial. You may select a single tutorial for $15 each, or you may purchase all 3 parts for $3999.

Apostles. What to do with apostles? No matter where I travel, a common mystery shrouds the office of the apostle; is the office still active and what is its role in the contemporary church? My very special series answers why God is restoring apostleship, what makes for apostolic spheres, how apostles may recognize and occupy their spheres and the definition of principality. I know these teachings will give you the equipment needed to maneuver in your spheres of apostleship.

Tutorials in this set include: Daily Study Plan and 5- Point Q&A Reflections of the Teaching

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Kingdom Apostleship: How to Understand the Apostle’s Role as an Ambassador

“Apostles are ambassadors.” In my study of apostleship, I have learned that apostleship and ambassadorship go hand in hand. To understand the commission of an ambassador, is to understand why today’s apostles must have a commission and must be able to articulate their message. In this teaching, I discuss the apostle’s role as a kingdom ambassador, their duty to God’s embassy and their role in the activation and development of the supporting five-fold mantles.

 Tutorial includes: Keyword Study, Practice Quizzes, Reflections of This Teaching

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Navigating God’s Prophetic Realm: An Introductory Look Into the Prophet’s Role and Mantle

A 3-Part Tutorial. You may select a single tutorial for $15 each, or you may purchase all 3 parts for $3999.

Having written The Prophet’s Dictionary; the Ultimate Guide to Supernatural Wisdom I understand how the prophetic is about more than prophesying. In fact, it involves dynamics and dimensions that can only be mastered through extensive training, research, and study. Navigating God’s Prophetic Realm is an introductory tutorial series exploring the prophet’s role in the five-fold, the spirit behind the power of the prophet’s mantle and the power of the prophet’s mantle. Begin your journey in the realm of the prophetic or sharpen your current skills as a prophetic vessel and spread the word to others who needs this life changing tutorial.

Tutorials in this set include: Daily Study Plan and 5- Point Q&A Reflections of the Teaching

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The Spirit of Servanthood: The Most Commonly Misunderstood Aspects of Leadership

A 2-Part Tutorial. You may purchase each tutorial for $15 each, or you may purchase both parts for $2599.

In my 30 years of ministry I have discovered one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of leadership is servanthood. Is it grunt work or is there a secret advantage to servanthood we do not know about? Engage in my high powered tutorial series to discover the governmental root of a minister, the power of a servant, how to never be defeated by obstacles, special skills of a highly trained minister, and of course the spirit of servanthood.

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Apostleship is About Gods and Nations: Understanding the Bedrock of Apostleship

A 2-Part Tutorial

In this first part of Gods and Nations I introduce the bedrock purpose of apostleship: gods and nations; and outline how to identify the greatness on the inside of you as a member of the chosen generation, royal priesthood, and holy nation according to 1 Peter 2:9.

Part two delves deeper into the realm of Almighty God vs. other gods and how and why He still reigns supreme. Take good notes and learn how to maintain your seat of authority as member of the Body of Jesus Christ.

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What is Apostolic Warfare? How Apostles Enforce God’s Laws

A 2-Part Tutorial

All ministers in God’s kingdom encounter warfare at some point during their ministry, but apostles face a specific kind of warfare as His governmental agents. Originally part of the ABC’s of Apostleship series, I designed this teaching to give you the foundational principles behind the warfare of apostleship. As you take this tutorial, you will learn why and how apostles as God’s official agents are to enforce His laws and code of conduct on the earth.

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